Adwel WiFi Smart Timer
"Scientific management using time"


The WiFi Smart Timer (device) provided by us is a novice concept for cost reduction measures which is widely used by our clients for their miscellaneous functions. It is a very handy device because of its ease of operation, utility, higher functionality and durability and an effective handy tool in cost reduction measures. The WiFi Smart Timer that we manufacture and supply offers a long lasting, trouble free and user friendly operation. It contributes in savings of electricity and increases the life of the equipment by preventing excessive wasteful usage by oversight or overrun of the appliance / equipment.

WiFi Smart timer switches are used to control the operation of electrical appliances and/or machinery etc. based on a pre-programmed schedule of operation of such equipment / appliances. This device is a programmable WiFi Smart timer based on a microcontroller that can be programmed to schedule the on and off operation of any electrical appliance as per requirement even at odd hours without any human interference. The device is designed and programmed to be controlled through a timer relay switch. This timer switch allows you to set both the start and end time of any electrical appliance/equipment. That means, you can pre-program when to turn the appliance on and for what duration long you want it to be remained on and to shut off automatically thereafter even at odd hours without any human interference.



Connector :

Modular PCB Terminal Blocks 2.5 square mm
* Modular terminal blocks with CAGE CLAMP connection, screwdriver actuation parallel or perpendicular to ...conductor entry.
* 4 versions with Ex e (increased safety) approval.
* For custom terminal strip assemblies.
* Operating tools for factory wiring.
* 45* connection angle permits a wide range of uses and wiring options.
* Set to metric or inch pin spacing by compressing terminal strips together or pulling them apart.
* Strip length 5.6 mm / inch.


Features :

* Suitable for any type of Electrical appliances. (Indoor & Outdoor Luminaries)
* Easy to operate by android phone & app can download from google play store.
* Timer can support up to 5KW load to high power equipment.
* Energy saving and safe, fast response, no delay.


Technical Specs :    
Item   Wi-Fi Smart Timer
Operation Mode   24 Hr.
Voltage   240V AC
Rated Load   240 VAC @ 1KW / 3KW / 5KW
Enclouser   ABS
Mounting   Wall Mounting
Color   White
RTC Backup   Coin Cell Battery
Backup Time   3 Yr.
Operating Temp   -10 C to 70 C

Specifications :