We are a customer-centric company that positions itself as a value-added, trusted partner in developing superior image solutions through our world-class lighting, graphics, and technology capabilities. Our core strategy of "Lighting + Graphics + Technology = Complete Image Solutions" differentiates us from our competitors.


The corporate mission of Adwel Art is to be the most technologically advanced and progressively innovative intelligence in indoor and outdoor signage and related fields. Known for being a pioneer in vinyl cutting technology in India, it was the first to create a revolution in the concept of signage.

UV Lacquer

ClearShield liquid coatings offer industry leading UV- protection, chemical resistance and mar resistance. Our state of the art UV-inhibitors and HALS (hindered amine light stabilizers) provide superior protection for less.

LED Light & LED Modules

ADWEL is professional led panel light OEM manufacturer, located in Kundli (Haryana), which has a strong and professional production capacity of LED lighting products.ADWEL is a leading LED Light manufacturer in India.

Adwel WiFi LED Display

LED electronic display are an excellent way of conveying information. The LED display boards show accurate message and the displayed message can be updated at regular intervals. We provides LED display boards with simple and intuitive android app. With the LED display board technology evolving at a rapid pace.

Adwel LED WiFi Timer

The WiFi Smart Timer (device) provided by us is a novice concept for cost reduction measures which is widely used by our clients for their miscellaneous functions. It is a very handy device because of its ease of operation, utility, higher functionality and durability and an effective handy tool in cost reduction measures.

Adwel WiFi LCD Token Display

LCD Token Number Display with human voice announcement is latest and built with high efficiency Microcontroller based technology. This system is very useful for bank counters, doctor clinics, hospital, opds, government offices, customer care centres, restaurants and many other such places where customers are served in a queue.